Starfield – Cheat to Become Invisible (Easy Stealth Mode)

How to Stealth

Solution #1

Type “tdetect” (without the quotes) in the console to toggle NPCs ability to detect you completely off.

Solution #2

Or you can tweak the stealth parameters to make it much easier, but not god-mode stealth, using these commands.

Exterior modifier for sneaking, lower value = lower exterior NPC detection (vanilla = 1.25)

  • setgs fSneakExteriorDistanceMult 1.25

NPC Detection View Cone, lower value = lower view cone (vanilla = 190)

  • setgs fDetectionViewCone 190

Multiplier for sound related stealth, lower value = lower sound produced (vanilla = 1)

  • setgs fSneakSoundsMult 1.0

Multiplier for sound related stealth when the player is out of sight, lower value = lower sound produced (vanilla = 0.4)

  • setgs fSneakSoundLosMult 0.4

Multiplier for how much equipment weight affects the sound made, lower value = lower sound produced based on equipment weight (vanilla 1)

  • setgs fSneakEquippedWeightMult 1.0

Multiplier for how much light affects stealth, lower value = easier to sneak if the area is lit (vanilla = 1)

  • setgs fSneakLightMult 1

Sleeping NPC detection, lower value = less detection for sleeping NPCs (vanilla = 0)

  • setgs fSneakSleepBonus 0

Multiplier for running while sneaking, lower value = lower impact of running (vanilla = 2)

  • setgs fSneakRunningmult 2.0
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