Starfield – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  • You can build an outpost even with zero skills and use that as a temporary storage if you fill up your ship’s cargo hold. You won’t be able to trade directly from the outpost to a shop.
  • Don’t pick up everything. After a while don’t pick up anything that isn’t rare or above.
  • If quest log clutter bothers you, you’re going to be busy, npc’s can loud sigh a quest into your log. Every guard you pass might yell a new quest into your log. It fills up with so many quests with little to no description of who or where they came from. Keep on top of it or ignore it
  • You can make money just by scanning for structures on a planet then wiping out pirates at said structures. Just loot all their guns and ammo or you’ll be forever choking to death on co2.
  • Your ship’s hit points are called hull. For reasons I don’t understand only functional modules have hull. Decorative structures just make you heavier but add no armour. Load up on cargo modules if you failed to heed the “stop picking up everything” advise
  • Never use full auto weapons, bethesda’s idea of game balance is making ammunition 10x less effective if the rate of fire is above moderate.
  • Level lockpick and buy any fling lockpick, you will need lockpick.
  • Don’t give companions laser scoped weapons unless you want to be constantly annoyed by a red line suddenly appearing and crossing your field of view or alerting distant enemies.
  • Companions (unless specified in their skills) don’t do stealth well. Even those that have the skill are wandering dunderheads who will screw up any careful covert play. However, I’ve noticed that if you have the ‘chameleon’ attribute on any equipped gear, your sidekick will also have it available.
  • New Atlantis is a practical spot for it since you can fast travel to and from the outpost without leaving the planet and there’s lots of vendors you can sell your loot to.
  • I would advise not doing an insane amount of looting, though. You’re not going to need piles and piles of cash in the game unless you want to build yourself a huge ship with all the top-grade modules.
  • Last, if you invest in the spacesuit modification tree, you will eventually be able to add the “pocketed” attribute to your equipment and raise its carrying ability.

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