Starfield – How to Find a Biome You Ain’t Visited (Last Fauna Missing)

Tip for 100% Planet Survey

Basically if you are in say Hills and you are like 4/5 and cannot find a 5th fauna then you need to go find a hills coast and look in the water.

  • Almost every planet I could not get 100% had a damn fish on it.
  • Some of the biomes will not misread 100% like on Nesoi so that makes it easier.

So what you need to do is follow my advice and go to the mineral map (so you cna see the oceans) then click along the costs to find coastal version of the biomes. Land and then find the water, good luck on that on some planets because you cannot always see the water direction form your ship. Which is because when you ask for a coastal landing then landing near the coast so you can see the water makes too damn much common sense for a Bethesda developer.

Helpful Trick:

If you try to land IN the ocean from the planet map, and there is something to scan in the ocean, it will display as “Ocean (0%)” although of course you cannot land there. If there’s nothing to find it just says “Ocean” with no percentage.

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  1. I just saw a video that also suggests trying landing near the poles to get a different sampling. But landing near an ocean also sounds like a useful tip. I have to say that i have frustrated so far by my inability to get 100% at surveying in any planet, and from this discussion and the video i mention, i now gather that getting to 100% might require selecting one or more arbitrary locations to land in.

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