Starfield – All Known Factions


As you go through the game’s narrative, you’ll come across a variety of various organizations and Factions that you may join or betray, just like in past Bethesda titles from the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.


  • Headquarters – New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)

Founded in 2275, Constellation is a team of illustrious space explorers that are dedicated to solving the galaxy’s greatest mysteries and finding proof of genuine extraterrestrial civilizations.

Interest in the group had started to fade by 2330, with the majority of the population coming to the conclusion that there was nothing else to discover in the vastness of space since a large portion of the galaxy was fast being explored. However, the discovery of a puzzling extraterrestrial artifact gave the crew fresh motivation to solve the puzzle of potential alien life in the galaxy, which is where your character enters the picture.

United Colonies

  • Capital – New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)

One of the two main political entities in Starfield, which encompasses a sizable portion of the galaxy around the Sol System and the “central” systems, is the United Colonies. The United Colonies, a centralized republic with a sizable starfleet force, was formerly embroiled in a bloody conflict with the Freestar Collective during the Colony War, though the two parties have since agreed to a tense cease-fire.

These days, the rise of the pirate group known as the Crimson Fleet has gained precedence because of concerns raised by their incursion into United Colonies territory.

Freestar Collective

  • Capital – Akila City, Akila (Cheyenne System)

One of Starfield’s two principal governments is the Freestar Collective. The Freestar Collective is a libertarian alliance of planets and star systems that, although being considerably smaller than the United Colonies, wants to govern itself in a more “wild west” fashion. It waged a costly war against the United Colonies to maintain its independence.

The Freestar Rangers are dedicated to acting as a protective and investigative force to maintain peace in the settled systems, despite their lack of military might compared to the United Colonies.

Crimson Raiders

  • Capital – The Key (Kryx System)

The Crimson Raiders, a semi-organized band of space pirates, have gained notoriety over the years and are now posing a danger to both the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective as they enter populated space.

Although they have no home planet, their main headquarters is on the enormous spacecraft The Key, which sails through the Kryx System. If you chose a life of piracy, there may be a place within their ranks even if they are often regarded as a real adversary of the established systems.

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