Town of Salem 2 – Useful Tips to Help New Players

Gameplay Tips for Noobs

  • 1) Copy and paste this into your notes section every game:

This is a list of every role in the match (They’ll become the words when put into game) If you subtract them each round as the roles die, you’ll be able to more easily tell who’s lying!

So in game if you press Shift+2 you’ll be able to put the name of someone in the chat.

Shift+3 lets you choose roles into chat

Shift+: Lets you choose actions into chat

What that list is is all the roles in HTML code which the game will read and put in place for you.

So [[#11]] is Mayor and when you type that in match it’ll turn into the word Mayor

[[#16]] is Cleric and so on with every role exactly how it’s presented in classic ending with [[#45]] which is Jester.

So if you copy and paste that whole list into your notes section in game you’ll make a list of every role, and you delete them as the game progresses to see what’s left in play.

So when Mayor dies you delete it and then you know no one can lie about being mayor.

  • 2) If you’re evil and claim Veteran you’re not doing yourself a favor. Veteran is a passive role. instead pick a Random Town investigation role like lookout or Corner that way you have info to back up your lies!
  • 3) If you’re an enchanter use your first power early on your first kill, Turn someone into a jester or an executioner. Now the town will never know what roles are left in play.
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