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Tips to Combat

  • Im thinking would it be a good idea to have 1 secondary mount like a torpedo/missle or an ion blaster. So you can go headon long range and do some dmg before u engage other guns.
  • The most direct path is to upgrade to a M size ship, which has much tougher shields and more powerful weapons. Corvettes like the Paranid Nemesis or the Terran Katana are great options.
  • Another thing you can do to increase your battle power by a large factor is to buy/capture some additional fighters and add them to your squadron, giving them a defend/attack/intercept behavior. The Argon Nova and the Teladi Falcon are great for this.
  • I’ve mastered the escape spiral in S Ships. Turn your engines up to maximum thrust, put your cursor in one of the corners of the screen and spin until your shields regen and you can Boost away.
  • Does not work in some miners/freight vessels or medium ships. S Fighters/Scouts only. And it helps to have Combat thrusters for higher top speeds at maximum thrust.
  • At least it’ll give you time to think on how to approach a dogfight.
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