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Tips and Tricks


In space combat holding spacebar disables inertial dampening which allows you to drift. You can change your aim direction without changing your vector. It also enables strafing engines. This changes everything about space combat.


Storage is shared from the ship, but most other storage including from your companions is local.

Weapon mods

Weapons keep the mods they come with. Mods you add stack with mods that are already there. If you get a purple rifle with a double mag, you can put a double mag on it for a 4x mag!


If you are decorating your home with random items you can press mouse 1 and 2 to rotate them and press shift once to change the rotation to a different way to perfectly place a mug on the table.


If you are mining hold the mouse 2 button first until the center of the crosshair gets tinier then mine its much much faster.


Sleep to fill up your HP and 10% more HP for 24 ingame hours.

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