Starfield – General Tips

Tips in General

  • Autosave feature is pretty stable now, but still make a save every 30-40 minutes just to be safe.
  • Try not to use quicksave function, it tends to miss some data, if you try to load from startup.
  • The amount of save files in the folder has no effect on the game whatsoever, same as switching between characters even mid game. Tested it myself.
  • Don’t keep thousands of different items in the inventory, it WILL slow the loading process, try to keep inventory as clean as possible. Ship inventory can be cluttered more, but still have the same rules – the more stuff there – the longer it will take to load the lists. Amount of certain item is not important, but the amount of different items.
  • Try to loot ALL weapons – the script that removes the bodies when you leave the cell and sets it to respawn, doesn’t affect dropped weapons – they will lie there and clutter the save file. There is a mod that makes NPCs never drop their weapons – it’s up to you to use it.
  • Saving mid combat seems pretty stable, also saving in any cell, exterior, interior or space. But tend to make save files in interior cells – they are easier to load from startup and makes it generally more safe for you to load a save.
  • You can modify a ship in your collection without flying it.
  • Dropped enemy weapons hold their ammo, pick them up if youre short.
  • The beowulf is the best non auto rifle in the game.
  • Laser weapons are great in no gravity and vs robots.
  • Paint your ship regularly to keep the clutter cleaned up. Just remember to sell it from your cargo hold.
  • Class C weapons suck. Don’t waste your money. Class A weapons have higher burst damage and sustained dps.
  • Particle Beams hit shield and hull. Two for the price of one. Save your reactor power for more shields.
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