Jagged Alliance 3 – Tips for Saving Money

How to Save Money

Make sure you buy your created character ASAP (the I.M.P option in the browse site) as created characters do NOT have a daily cost, you pay one upfront price and they are yours for ever. So even if you drop to zero money and have no mercs, you still got your created characters who can scavange for more cash.

There’s mercs you can hire from certain side mission that cost no daily income. Some missions you can hire NPCs to join you and they cost you no daily income. I know of four mercs. of those 4, three you can get on the first main island right after the tutorial island after completing their quest. so combined with your created character, thats 5 mercs that cost zero daily income. Can save a lot of money this way with only hiring a single merc to fill the 6th slot.

Buy the recruit mercs, and dont buy elite or legendary early on This will save you money as the recruits cost much less money compared to the elites and legendaries at the start where you most likely dont have enough money to hire them. You can always just create your custom character to be a master trainer, and train the recruit mercs to be legendary in stats without the high cost upfront.

Use only one team, until you have atleast, more than 500k in money. with that amount of money, you can now start working on hiring a second team and not worry about running out of money for quite a while even if you ran out of money from mines.

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