Jagged Alliance 3 – Tips on Dealing with the Refugee Camp Response

How to Deal with the Refugee Camp Response

Fighting defensively is tough – the enemy comes up in a single group, combat starts if they see any militia, and your useless allies are scattered all over the map. Just let them take the territory.

Retaking is pretty easy – they take the same positions as the legion, so you can pick off some of them and fight them in chunks.

A single squad has a rough time in an upfront defense, but some maps are more suited for defense than others. Pantagruel’s left area has good cover, a high ground and the enemy enters away from militia so you can set up, so I held that one against 3 teams in a row, but on most other maps I’d need 2 squads of mercs to fight a single enemy squad due to the immediate start of combat.

So yeah, 9 times out of 10, just let them take the territory. You can even autoresolve them if you’re bored of taking the same map again.

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  1. Just hold on to Port Cacao as they spawn on the road to the mine building. Grenade launchers make very short work of them as they are all packed together then move out to retake other sectors. Cash in the militias from Emma as you conquer forts until you defeat the major.

    Actually rng in my campaign had the Fleatown market held with 4 surviving militia and Fleatown slums only had 4 enemies to deal with. The fort to the east of Fleatown market on the river also held.

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