Jagged Alliance 3 – Tips for Getting Money

How to Get Money

Turn on item highlight, and make sure its set to TOGGLE in the options. As you walk around the world on foot, you will come across various items to loot, that will highlight themselves as you get close enough, and many of them have money in them. This can net you a few thousand from a single sector. You also get ammo, gear, items to sell like diamonds and gems. The highlight is off by default so you need to learn the keyboard key to turn it on.

Rob the diamond caravans. the red diamond suitcase icons you see in the SAT map view. Each one will net you 12,000. When I do these, the enemies are usually bunched up together, so stealth up to them and just throw a frag grenade(not those weak as crap stick grenades) and that should take atleast half of them out before the battle even begins.

Certain vendors you can sell items to for cash Some vendors you can sell your medical supplies, junk and other items to for a small cash reward. Ive found like three of them.

Let the militia fight your battles for you. Dont get in the way of enemy routes and let them fight the militia for you, as the end of the battle, the enemies drop loot, and usually weapons, armor, ammo, and sometimes even items you can cash in for money. And it cost you no resources. It only cost a few hundred dollars and a few hours in game to retrain the the ones you lost, so you can get money and save resources like ammo, repair cost, medical supplies, plus get even more of those items this way by having the militia fight and die for you while you profit off their misery like a good old fashioned, capitalist.

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