Jagged Alliance 3 – Starting Mercs Overview

Which Mercs to Choose at Start and Why

Merc List

  • Blood – Keeping him, best merc sofar with his special skill and knife throwing. Great silent killer.
  • Livewire – Best chat of all mercs, good mechanic too, definitely a keeper, have a skill to show enemies in scouted sector.
  • Thor – Great stats but the special kinda sucks, replaced with Fox.
  • Barry – Cheap EXP guy, might try other ones later since hes kinda a bland. Im sure fidel or fauda or red are more fun. He also produces special grenades weekly and basically trivialized the final battle on the island.
  • Fox – The medic but is also surprisingly good at stealth killing with a knife thanks to her 100 in Dexterity. And even if the stealth kill fail, her special perk prevents the enemy to trigger his teammates immediatly, allowing for a second attack which is usually more than enough to finish the job.
  • Steroid – Just a cheap muscle. Pretty useless because his agility sucks.
  • Igor – Kinda useless, replaced with Wolf.
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