Jagged Alliance 3 – What Should You Know About the IMP Character Creation?

IMP Character Creation Tips

Skip the quiz and move the sliders around your yourself while reading the descriptions for each to see what kind of character you want, you don’t need demo, mechanical or much medic skill if you’re gonna have a dedicated teammate with those skills so you can spend on others.

It its like JA2 you should be aware that stats that stay on zero will not be trainable, and at zero will stay. Having said thar, mech, medic and explosives can normally be assigned to other mercs (in the old game I still found mech useful, because gun jams could be solved on the spot).

As a general rule, you should mold your merc to your playstyle (agility for stealth, strength for melee or heavy weapons etc…) having also in mind Wisdom should be high in order to facilitate learning in general, and leadership also for various off combat activities (training militia and mercs, dialogue choices, etc).

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  1. My guy was high-ish on explosives, so I wouldn’t be forced to take one of the explosive experts in every team, plus it lets him do something (produce ammo) in the sat view instead of sitting around all day.

    the rest of my points were used to max out accuracy and agi, with some str and HP.

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