Jagged Alliance 3 – Things You Should Know Before You Play

Things I Learnt That Made This Game Much More Fun

I was struggling a bit with this game but right now, after about 20 hours played, it is much more fun as I’ve learned a few key things:

  1. Install the % to hit mod: this makes the combat much more controllable and clinical. (I know opinions were divided on this issue but for me, the clincher is that the AI knows the odds so I need to as well.)
  2. Switch on the gameplay option to show cover out of combat. I also like left alt to be a toggle to show loot etc.
  3. Be economical: first attempt, I had 7 mercs before I left the island but then realised I was locked into a path of bankruptcy. Second time through, I hired 4 (excluding my IMP) – all cheap except Buns – and with a 2nd mine I am on a financially sustainable path.
  4. Use ambush tactics: find hard cover and let the enemy come to you. Overwatch is more powerful than in X-Com, as it can work multiple times. I first really learnt this in the island fort, when manning that MG can win you the battle with no losses. But it works more generally – the AI is aggressive and will break cover to come to you (even those otherwise tricky snipers).
  5. Corollary of (4): re-acquire stealth asap. As long as you are out of sight, you should be able to re-acquire it. First playthrough, I was not using stealth beyond an X-Com style opening ambush: now I can use it throughout the battle in a sector.
  6. Use the “take cover” action to save action points for later turns (thanks Partyelite for this one!). It costs 4AP but (up to 5?) unused AP above that will be stored for next turn.
  7. Explosives are very powerful – especially when chances to hit by shooting are low or armour high. Barry is insanely good value with his 2 shaped charges per day (and his ability to clear minefields without breaking a sweat).
  8. When you can spare 2 days (e.g. you are training militia), train your mercs. For example, MD could not hit anything in my first playthrough. But after two sessions being trained by Buns and he is headshotting raid leaders.
  9. (I wish I knew this!) Don’t loot the burial ground with respectful mercs (including your IMP): getting -1 or -2 AP for a month or so is a pain.
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  1. taking cover is bugged..you get no extra ap…i have 13 ap…after taking cover next turn still 13 ap

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