Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Recruit Flay

Flay Guide

How to Get?

When visiting the Poacher Camp (C5) the leader of the camp will tell you about Flay, who was with the group, left the group and then started killing poachers. Leaving behind their corpses with antlers nailed to their heads.

He asks you to hunt him down.

Afterwards while visiting the savanna sectors surrounding the poachers camp you can find corpses with antlers nailed to them. For me after having found 3 such corpses, Flay showed up.

I was than able to talk him into joining, might need the negotiator trait thoug as that showed up during the talk.

Name, Bio, Stats

  • Name: Jacques “Flay” Bohen
  • Role: Sniper

Bio – Hunter of Buckheads:

An experienced poacher, Flay has hunted every animal imaginable. Now is the time to track down and kill the only beasts he has never hunted so far – humans.

A difficult man to like, he is skilled in what he does and won’t take much convincing to join you as it is onvious you are the best vehicle to achieve the loathsome goal.

Level: 2

Talent: “Let them Bleed”

Additional damage for every enemy with bleeding effect in his line of sight.

Attacks on the groin and at enemies cause bleeding.


  • “Hand to Hand” (Make interrupt melee attack when enemy in melee range attacks or tries to move away during the enemy turn.)
  • “Loner” (Become inspired when there are no teamates in your vicinity at turn start.)


  • “Fully Body Contact” (Gain 15 grit on a successful melee attack.)


  • HP: 79
  • AGI: 63
  • Dex: 78
  • Str: 80
  • Wis: 79
  • LDR: 12
  • MRK: 84
  • MEC: 18
  • EXP: 0
  • MED: 50


  • Winchester 1984

[1 x 43 DAM; 24 Rng; 4% Crit; 6 AP – single shot; No Penetration Bonus; uses .44 ammo.]

[Modifiable Barrel – Extended / stock / Short Barrel]

[Modifiable Scope – Empty / Improved Iron Sights / Sniper Scope x5 / Sniper Scope x10 / Combat Reflex Sight / Reflex Sight / Prism Scope / Quick Prism Scope / Thermal Scope]

[Modifiable muzzle – Empty / Improvised Silencer]

  • Trophies ( 3 / 1000)

[Desc: It’s easier to keep count that way]

  • Combat Knife
  • Blade Sharpener

[Can be combined with Melee Weapons; Sharpened Weapons have increased damage]

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