Jagged Alliance 3 – Starter Island Guide

Starter Island Guide for Those That Are Struggling with The Game!

Im going to share few tips on how i managed to deal with the starter island without running out of money.

Make Custom Merc like this:


  • Mechanical 0
  • Medical 0
  • Explosives 0
  • Health 40
  • Everything else 85


  • Negotiator
  • Stealthy
  • Teaching


  • Barry 14D/4940$
  • Livewire 14D/6880$
  • MD 14D/5630$

The reason i chose these three mercs is that they all have high wisdom so they learn fast. They all have useful skills and perks.

  • Barry Explosives
  • MD Medical
  • Livewire Mechanical / Hacking

Custom character has access to the negotiator speech checks. Teaching perk helps with xp gain and training militia and other mercs. Stelthy can triger instakill.

Livewire has access to the scoundrel speech checks, all so prevents morale loss.

MD can deal with all medical checks, can increase morale during a fights and prevents morale loss.

Barry can deal with all explosives checks and obviously disarm mines and use grenades and such.

After you complete the first level go to Map view and start operation to train your mercs. Put you custom merc as a teacher to teach marksmanship. Everyone else goes as students. Teaching will take 2 days and you want to run this operation twice in the row so spending 4 days total.

Your mercs marksmanship should end up something like this:

  • Barry 70->75->80
  • Livewire 62->68->75
  • MD 68->74->80

This process will help a lot with hitting enemies in the battles to come as you liberate the first island.

Try to equip all your mercs with Gewehr 98 rifles. You can scrap all ak’s and other weapons. Equip the silencer modification as you get more parts. If you happen to find a lens use it to add quick prism scope to rifles.

Give Barry all your explosives and don’t be afraid to use them OFTEN.

Use your custom merc as a sniper do not let him get shot at.

If after battle you have to heal your mercs put your custom merc again to teach marksmanship to any merc who is not involved in repair or medical duty.

Only repair weapons when condition drops below 80%.

Here is a list of additional income that can be found on the first island. Keep in mind that when Livewire hacks object sometimes you might end up getting intel instead of money.

There could be more ways to get more money from the starter island that i haven’t found on my playthrough. You can make roughly 26k from the starter island. If you spend the whole 2 weeks on the island the cost is roughly 17,5k in wages.


  • I1 Emma 2000
  • I1 Hack 1500
  • I1 Diamonds 2000
  • H2 Hack 750
  • H2 Hack 750
  • H2 Greasy Basil 1000 “speech check”
  • H2 Luc if you spare Pierre Diamonds worth 1500
  • H3 Hack 1000
  • H3 underground Hack 1250
  • H4 Hack 1000
  • H4 Hack 1250
  • H4 Diamond Case 12000
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