Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Solve a Lack of Money

If you have money shortage doring early game the this short guide is for you.

Tips to Solve a Lack of Money

Money is basically never a concern if you don’t hire expensive merc. Expensive mercs are not needed at all. You can train cheap mercs and turn them into elite. I recommend Barry (he is op and covers explosive), Livewire (might as well get the highest mechanic stat recruit), Fox, and maybe Mouse or MD.

When you need the 6th slot just hire Wolf, he saves time in operation and works well with Fox. Decent all rounder that can do everything. Use IMP merc to train all their marksmanship in one go.

All of these are good once you get their marksmanship above 80 then you never really need training again. Then give everyone a good modded sniper rifle.

The only combat stat you need is actually just agi, dex, and marksmanship. There’s a lot of more expensive merc who doesn’t even start with good stats for those 3, therefore Fox and Mouse is actually OP because you only need to train their marksmanship.

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