My Summer Car – Tips for Learning Where Everything Is

Tips to Find Everything

The map you have in your house is the only map in the game. My tip would be to atleast explore each location thats on the dirt path as it might lead you to some useful items, store or vehicle (be careful tho, some of these locations arent 100% safe. Though this is a only case in few locations).

Theres also board in the town containing small info about certain locations. Its not much but atleast 2 pieces of it can be maybe useful for you.

Look at the map and see that the asphalt road is a closed circle. Then see that the dirt road is making the inner circle, or more like an inner U as it has a missing part on the west side. Memorize that it connects to the asphalt road in 4 places. Let’s count them in counter-clockwise order (I won’t be calling them by names just in case you’d consider it making your experience less pure). The part between 1st and 2nd is split by your driveway, so that makes 4 parts of the dirt road. When you have memorized which part is were, drive the dirt road from one end to the other. You can also make additional money when doing that, talk to the shopkeeper on friday, he might know something about it. You can take your notepad with you to have less things to forget about. When you see a point of interest write down on which part on the road it is, you can also write which end is closer if you know it. Then you know where to look for a certain place, so you’ll also be able to use asphalt road to cut other parts of the dirt road.

Oh, and if someone’s outside of his house then this place is definitely a point of interest. People here don’t chill outside their houses if they’re not your uncle in late game or have something to do with you. Also, the drunk guy and the drunk guy is the same person, so if you see him outside then you know where he lives. And that he has something more to do with you.

There’s also one place that you might not recognize as a point of interest. It’s on the part of the dirt road number 4 closer to the western end (the city), it’s a place where you can play ventti (blackjack) at night and find an abandoned, but still (barely) usable car (keep extreme caution when stealing it). To find the place, look for a green mailbox with a name Ritoranta on it.

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