Jagged Alliance 3 – Tips for the Church Ambush

Church Ambush

Get into cover and put mercenaries into overwatch. Deployment is crucial. Most enemies will try to enter the building via the front door, but protect windows with one merc in overwatch. Single shot rifles, the shotgun and especially grenades are your friend. Don’t know how to protect the Smiley dude from dying, though.

Thats a really Hard and rought Encounter.

After losing it 3-4 Times, i took a Auto Save Pre Combat and changed some of the Equipment into Utillity Stuff i usually dont use(by personal preference, not because its bad).

I gave out Flashbang and Teargrenades, i also waitet some time for it to become dark and cloudy, significantly reduce the Hit Chances of Enemys on Range (my own ofc aswell).

I abused the Fact that LMGs in “lie down”-mode (theire overwatch Version) are Kind of Busted, and AI kind of Dumb. Most of them Enter either through the Main Entrance or through Windows, which you can anticipate since the ones which do, b-line for the Entrance.

The rest was, retreat to the Room Smiley was in and let my Explosive Guy set up a little Present, a Remote Controlled Bomb in the Church Main Room.

Still took me a lot of Wounds and Damage and drained a lood of Ressources but it was winable, without any Reload Shenaningans, at least in the Combat.

These Ambushes are kinda hard and tricky, and i think a little bit “Overtuned” for the Fact that you cant Prepare beforehand(As long as you dont know the Mission that is ofc)

Note: Granades. There are 3 dudes at front door, two granades and they are out. Plus sniper one shots each in head.

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