Jagged Alliance 3 – Combat Tips and Tricks

Combat Advice

  • Stealth is overrated.
  • Cover is overrated.
  • During this playtrough I’m not heavily rely on both of them.
  • Maybe just for frog leaping perk.
  • Run and gun is awesome, and you can combo it with melee at the end of the run.
  • Switch back to SMG before end turn if you have the perk, to return fire to anyone shooting at you, as long you’re not in cover.
  • I’m using Commando right now, because it can lob grenade.
  • The Thing for the other hand.
  • Cover is overrated because my team right now just need to prone on a flat ground, and enemy shot would mostly miss. The cover will split your team cohesion, and obstruct the best line of sight.
  • Also, remember the perk I’ve mentioned above.
  • Later, if you have someone with 90 Health, there’s a perk you can gain 15 grit if you’re not in cover. Even better if you have Scully for added Grit.
  • Just beware Rocketmen, or Grenadiers at early game.
  • There is also the perk to enable critical during overwatch.
  • And +50% damage if you’re making critical.
  • Tuned up MG build is also do not rely on stealth.
  • Heck you can’t cover if you’re using MG.
  • RPK can do some crazy thing with MG.
  • Like 3AP cost burst, Silenced Long Burst, non set up usage MG.
  • Aim for groin if you have problem with accuracy.

It almost has the same accuracy as shooting torso, while giving the 2nd best damage output. Also, artery shot perk enables you to use HP ammo shooting the hand which usually unarmored as if you’re aiming for the torso. But remember, we’re using HP ammo for added damage and critical.

  • Not saying stealth is useless, I’ve been there.
  • It is very powerful, but not the fastest way to finish a battle, and not the only option to go.
  • Having more options will make you more flexible, and stronger in the process.
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