Remnant 2 – How to Defeat Sewer Boss (Bloat King)

Sewer Boss (Bloat King) Tips

When he starts charging his beam attack, start leaping over the pillars in the middle to avoid being pushed off. Strafe when the orbs shoot the smaller orbs at you, making sure you have room.

The key to this one is making sure you’re dodging safely and not falling into the pit at all.

Also make sure you have upgraded your weapons as much as possible.

You can’t really rely on the dog in this fight as he jumps into the pit to fight the oozes.

Note: Upgrade your gear. The numerous times I join randoms in even Survivor difficulty only to watch them spend 20-30 rounds to kill 1 sewer slime mob is painful, it’s like their weapons aren’t upgraded at all.

When you level up your class, it will raise your power level up to 10 for the 1st class ownership, but once you get a secondary class and level that up, the two highest class is added together for a power level of 20, it is balanced by your weapon levels and your upgrade, essentially not upgrading at all will scale the enemy to lv10 while your guns are lv0 if you max out two class levels.

You want to maximize your weapon level equal to your power level solely for matchmaking and damage output, if you only upgrade 1 long gun to lv20, and leave the melee weapon and handgun to lv1, you’d end up with basically a average of 7 weapon levels. Remember that weapon levels is the average level of all three weapon slots, not the highest you own.

Get the Enigma gun which arcs lightning on multiple targets, then you can easily take care of the flying orbs and the mobs in the water.

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