Remnant 2 – Important Tip for Melee Combat

Melee Combat Tip

Small tip that could make a big difference!

I’m not gonna complain but after playing co op with so many players I see this rookie mistake that everyone is making:

Don’t roll away from the melee attackers!

I learned this from playing Remnant 1 but it is still a huge deal in Remnant 2.

Stamina is as important as your health bar , by rolling away you only make yourself more exposed and more vulnerable to their attacks and at some point you’d get in a corner or ran out of stamina.

Plus I can assure you like 70% of the melee attackers in this game have a follow up attack that is faster than your recovery or the range and reach of their melee is greater than your parry.

Solution is to actually roll towards them, with a good timing you will avoid the hit , get behind them and have a much bigger window to react.

Plus some of the enemies have weak spots only on their back , and you can actually see where you are going and won’t get cornered easily.

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  1. I agree, sometimes rolling toward the attack is the best option.
    Elden Ring is like that to some extent, hell, even Monster Hunter lategame have attacks that can only be dodged that way.
    Just stay mindful of tracking in Remnant 2, the most agressive melee elites usually have a 3 hit combo.

    • Depending on your armor skills or weapon MH really doesn’t have any iframes outside of superman dodge. It’s possible, but without skills like evasion it’s almost impossible to actually iframe attacks in MH. Consistently anyway. You are much more encouraged to just roll to evade the attack.

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