Supreme Ruler 2030 – Tips on Making Money

How to Make Money

Selling consumer goods is still the best way to make money I think.

I sell commodities I have a surplus in. I don’t sell rubber, industry goods, or military goods though unless I’m in a real pinch. The other commodities I will sell even if I get a loss for that individual commodity because it helps to bring money in.

In SR2030 I found a great way to make a quick buck is to sell military units on the world market. Specifically air and sea transports.

While looking at the list of units in reserve you can now click on a technical readout button on the UI for a unit in the reserve list. It will bring up the technical readout for that unit. On the technical readout UI is a button you can click to sell the unit on the world market. I went from about 10B to 30B by selling off all my sea and air transports at the beginning. That gave me a cushion and some time to improve my economy at the start.

Some commodities like coal and timber you don’t need to be self sufficient in because it can be cheaper to buy those two than to produce them yourself, usually.

Ore & coal are actually worth exporting now. you can make a killing from them even as an advanced country.

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