Starfield – Surviving Ship Battles on Very Hard

How to Survive Ship Battles

Join the Vanguard!

Equip 6 Vanguard Particle Weapons (Its called the Vanguard Object Accelerator something, and it’s very pricey). It costs only 2 energy each, shoots in a 3 round burst, but with all 6 weapons aimed at a enemy their shields completely die in 1 second, and their hull in 2 seconds.

At higher Pilot skills of B class and C class, you get access to Vanguard cannons and there are often particle beam turrets that has various names, if it does both equal hull and shield damage, it’s a particle beam weapon.

The Neutron/Proton/etc turrets you can place on your ship facing backwards, and while you fly around gunning down enemy ships, the turrets will fend off any enemies on your backsides, as the turrets can aim at a 45 degree cone, but also almost 90 degrees above the ship.

If you truly want to deck out your ship with only turrets, you can fit 4 turrets in each of the 3 weapon slots for a total of 12. But the energy cost would be 36 for the turrets alone. Granted, you can fly around and the turret will shoot everything around you.

Maxing out Engine is best, because with higher top speeds you can outrun enemy ships if you need to and let your 3000~3850 range turrets/weapons hit them from afar.

If you max out Payload skill, which increases all cargo by 50%, you can get crew members with payload skills to ride your ship which also stacks their skill bonuses with yours, you can make a tiny ship that carries 2x the usual load.

Maybe it’ll be a matter of time until custom companions are modded in and allows you to bring late game high end companions on the ship… You can max it out and allow up to 8 crew members to ride on your ship, meaning lots and lots of skills.

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