Lies of P – Useful Tips for New Players

Tips which New Players Must Know

If you are starting to play this game, better to read following tips for your first round:

  • Parry in this game is much more important than dodge.
  • For the first weapon don’t think too much, just choose greatsword because the fable arts of handle give you perfect auto parry during next 1 sec and high damage reduction while guarding will also cover your miss of parry.
  • Before you meet the first boss of prologue you can buy all those 3 original weapons from merchant, that means you will get 2 greatsword handles for assembling weapons.
  • Blade changes attack and defense abilities, the motions included charge attacks are depends on handles
  • Don’t trust too much what you would be told in this game, even the tutorial and guide lies if you don’t notice.
  • You would be told that you “can” make the enemy staggered with a charge attack or with fable arts while the white line appears. the thing is, it is really just “can”, you need to do 2 things to let it work:
    • Reach the hidden value of stagger by using charge attack or fable arts after white line appears;
    • If the charge attack you used has more than 1 hit, only the final hit can trigger stagger. (*even if you have given enough stagger damage)
  • And also evade only works when you release the button during limited commend time, so the best way is press the button twice quickly for each dodge.
  • If you feel it is hard to perform a perfect parry, turn your audio off. It works for this game because it was designed to having a short weird delay between SE and Motions. That is the trick which dev team used to make people miss counting the right timing for parry in this game.
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