Starfield – Ship Combat Tips

Useful Combat Tips

The most important thing: Ditch the stupid laser/ballistics combination and go exclusively for particle beams. You can easily mount 6-8 and put them in two different weapon groups. Just make sure to use two different weapon models or it won’t work. Early in the game you make one group (one weapon model) with 2-4 weapons. This way you always use all your firepower simultaneously.

When doing this consider how much energy your reactor produces and make a decision based on its performance. You want to full power all your weapons, engines and the shield generator at the same time. You do not want to start moving energy between the systems during a fight.

Unless you fly a massive C-class ship with a dozen turrets or so you should make sure that your ship hits max speed and max maneuverability in the shipbuilder because you will have to align your weapons manually and you also want to open fire while behind the enemy ship.

When a group of enemy ships flies right at you use your thrusters (piloting skill 1) to evade incoming fire while destroying the first enemy ship with everything you got or boost past them to minimize damage. Since they all just flew past you, turn around, get behind the first enemy you see and vaporize them.

The most important thing in space combat is to reduce the number of enemy ships as fast as possible. 3 enemy ships with half their hulls gone still do 100% of their damge output each. Also remember to reduce your speed to 50% when behind an enemy ship so you get more maneuverability and be prepared for the enemy to stop entirely without warning.

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