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Tips for Outpost

You can always pick up and move an outpost without any material loss. If you are running low on the materials you need, just set up an outpost a planet/moon that has the resources you’re lacking, wait for your extractors what you need, then remove the buildings and move on to whatever planet you’ve decided to set up your home base on.

For your “home planet” which could be any planet really, even on with a major city, or none at all, but to station your crew there, you’ll need habitat modules and then you’ll need to place crew stations inside (office desks really). First build the door/hatch/entry way. You place this in two steps: Set the location, then select the height. All your other habitat modules connect to this door, and all other modules will link to it.

If your ship has a crafting bay, you can manufacture other materials for constructing base parts. For Iron, I find it easiest to get by just shooting asteroids.

When you have enough resources, you can build a full sized landing pad (this will take a lot of iron and aluminum, and making parts that use a lot of iron and aluminum). If you spent wandering around for 1000m+ to find the perfect spot that has 3 different resources to extract, then you’re all set (planets that have safe water can extract water from the atmosphere, if there is a resource potshot or not. The ground resource types available to a would be placed outpost are visible in the upper left corner.

You will want at least one helium 3 mine, or at least one in a system. He-3 is needed for sending materials outside of the local system. It also is used to fuel the best power generation source in the game for your base.

Have fun!

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