Baldur’s Gate 3 – Pro Tip: Creche Spoilers Ahead!

Tip with Spoilers about Creche

You can kill every single one of the Githyanki in the Captain’s Quarters before they run out to do their patrol. I’m not sure where they go if you let them leave, but I busted down the door and lobbed a Fireball at them.

This caused them to aggro, rather than leaving like they’re supposed to. I got a lot of bonus XP, while also getting to fight the Captain on my terms.

With the Captain dead before their dialogue concluded or even started, the Inquisitor just stood on the opposite side of the invisible barrier. The barrier isn’t actually open, according to the game, even though it looks like it is. You can loot the key off the Captain and then fight the Inquisitor in the hallway, away from all his allies.

I also believe if you cast Calm Emotions before the fight, the Captain won’t be able to fear you. I’m not 100% on that, though. She didn’t try using it and I spread my party out beforehand, so she couldn’t catch everyone with a fear like she normally goes for.

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