Starfield – Fixed Freezing

How to Fix Freezing

I’ve been trying every suggestion on the internet with no luck until today. It seems limiting CPU usage solves the problem until a patch arrives,

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Download ‘Battle Encoder Shirase’,
  2. Run this as ADMIN (essential) from anywhere on your PC, it doesn’t need installing.
  3. Run Starfield until the main menu appears, then minimise it.
  4. Using Battle Encoder select ‘Target’.
  5. Select the Starfield.exe process from the list, select ‘Limit This’ and move the slider at the bottom to -8%
  6. Done.

Note: If your starfield crashes, thats a different issue. This fixes freezing for about 5 seconds every minute or so especially during combat.

Volodymyr Azimoff
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  1. I have the “5-10 seconds freeze every 2-3 minutes or so”, with a peak (100%) in CPU usage right at the time of the freeze. Then it goes smoothly like before.

    And your workaround definitely did it for me.
    Thanks a lot !

    I am currently using a very conservative -10% limiting, and will try lowering it as it goes.

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