Backpack Hero – How to Defeat Newt and Sage Toad Enemies

Tips to Defeat Newt and Sage Toad Enemies

You need to burst damage the sage toad, always prioritise any healing or buffing enemies in a group as rule of thumb. Any items you’re holding onto for emergencies, you’re better off using them in fights like that, it’ll leave more room in your backpack for the rewards once you’ve won, possibly more of the same items you used on the encounter, if not better.

Most all fights should be dealt with as soon as possible, the longer a fight goes on for, the more the enemy increases what it does next turn, be it damage, shielding, healing or buffing/debuffing. Some builds can circumvent the scaling by use of things like spikes and haste buffs on yourself so that you’ll stay ahead of the ramping of the enemy while also chipping away at them.

You’ll almost always want either of the potions that remove buffs/debuffs on yourself or on some enemies, eliminating all the burn or poison on you can really help in the final chambers and some bosses. Fights against enemies like the badgers demand eliminating their rage stacks, while battles against the cobras and geckos are made a lot easier when you can wipe away the stacks of poison and burn they’ll keep applying.

Backpack hero is a rogue-like game that is very much RNG based, as such getting the best items can be luck dependant, so items that boost luck are very handy to ensure you’re getting the good gear more often. I wish you the best of luck.

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