Occupy Mars: The Game – Tips for People Who Like Scavenging Abandoned Bases

Scavenging Abandoned Bases Tips

  • Bring along two grinders, level 2 and 3; use the level 2 for objects inside the base so you don’t hurt the building (I’ve lost quite a few buildings prematurely that way, plus all the remaining objects I didn’t get to yet… sigh), then use the level 3 to tear down buildings.
  • Almost everything is grindable: even the monitors, radios, screwdrivers, lamps, etc. on desks and tables can be individually ground down; just make sure you get them before you grind the table or desk first, cause they disappear afterward and you don’t get the material from them.
  • Some buildings, especially some hallways, have separate wall panels, ceilings and floors that you can grind down before you tear down the structure itself, even those white buttress things in some buildings can be ground down; so test out a little with your level 2 grinder.
  • The items you get from tearing down buildings is kinda random, but you can get all the items involved in construction for certain buildings: that is, for some buildings, you can get circuit boards back; circuit boards are so rare that I even savescum to get them back.
  • Same for transformers, batteries and pump stations, you can absolutely get back the small circuit boards; again, I savescum to get as many as I can (I build big bases, I cannot lie).
  • As well, the number of circuit boards you can get back is random, so sometimes you might get two circuit boards back instead of just the one required for construction (I don’t savescum for the lucky two though, that would take forever… except greenhouses, I don’t stop till I get at least two mediums of the three).
  • If you’re meticulous like me, there are even some parts on the outside of buildings that can be ground down, on top or on the side; like the windows down the middle on tops of those lab-type buildings, or the white covers to the sides of the same building, which also has some fans on top as well (so make sure to bring a jetpack if you don’t normally).
  • On some platforms with railings (not all of them though), the railings themselves can be ground down individually of the platform part, and you can get a lot of packs of screws this way; so always start on the railings before you target the platforms themselves.

For about 15-30 mins of dedicated work, you can get quite a lot of material from even just one abandoned base, just start with the small stuff first and work your way to the bigger stuff (This is how I get most of my material, I don’t really collect ore unless I need it specifically for something, or unless I just want it out of the way.).

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