Starfield – How to Make the Game a Little Harder

So to make this mediocre game a little more interesting i installed mods to make the game more “hardcore”. I also deliberately left out a few skill points.

Guide to Make the Game Harder

  1. Set the game on very hard

Game is still not as difficult as desired but a little more entertaining. Be careful of the space battles, which can sometimes be very difficult if your ship is not sufficiently equipped.

  1. Mod: no hit markers

In a shootout you don’t know whether you’ve actually hit the target. Makes shooting from further away more interesting.

  1. Mod: no enemy lifebars

You don’t see how much life the enemy has, which makes shooting interesting. You also can’t see what level the opponent has. Do I sneak past or attack?

  1. Dont upgrade workbench skill for armore and weapons

So when you find a better weapon or armore its a better loot experience. Otherwise you can upgrade every weapon and armor to the maximum and looting becomes unnecessary.

  1. Dont use fast travel

In this game you can jump from one planet to another without ever using the ship once you have discovered 2 points on the map. This eliminates some spaceship battles. big disadvantage. Since some of the planets look very generic and there is nothing interesting to discover, this can be very tedious. But hey, maybe you can take a screenshot or two of the landscape.

  1. To make the game even more hardcore, leave the inventory management as it is in the vanilla game

Or install the mod “StarUI Inventory” to make your life easier with a much better overview.

  1. Dont use super powers (optional)

I played through Starfield once normally and once with these settings and had a lot more fun with it.

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