Unturned – Glacial Forest Guide (How to Survive)

How to Survive and Thrive in Glacial Forest

Survival Guide

If you’re struggling to survive and find the map too difficult, here’s a short guide to help you understand the meta of this map:

Early Game:

  1. As soon as you spawn in, go immediately to the safezone that you spawn by, it usually has some items of value, including food, medicine and basic tools.
  2. Once you’ve gathered your spoils from the safezone, start exploring. One of three things will then happen, you will either find a town or structure, find a statue, or find nothing. In the event of finding a statue, it will ALWAYS point towards the city in the center of the map (Glacerig Town), if you continue to find nothing, change your direction. Sometimes you will be forced to die and take a new direction all together.
  3. When you finally discover a place that contains resources, look for any melee weapon or tool, even a kitchen knife will help tremendously.
  4. Once you’ve found a tool or weapon, use it to chop down trees to make campfires.

Hints & Tips

  • In the event that you are struggling to find warmth, use bricks to make roadblocks which can be used to make small shelters against the snow, which you can take apart and build quickly to reset your freezing meter.
  • If you are being chased by wolves and are not on a server, you can relog to despawn them. Note that this will also respawn and remove any items current dropped in the world.
  • This map is all about the campfire meta. If you’re lucky enough to get a shovel in the safezone when you spawn, use it immediately to chop down trees to get as many campfires as possible. It is best to make campfire breadcrumb trails between your base, villages and other places of interest.
  • Expect to freeze or be mauled to death a LOT. This map is not for beginners and is not intended to be easy. Patience and skill are essential to succeeding and uncovering the treasure and secrets of this map.
  • Making wooden spikes will help a lot against killing wolves and deer. If you are OP and can use the build mode, moving spikes directly under wolves can also serve to be a very good way of killing them.
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