Xenonauts 2 – General Tips

In the context of the game you basically need to follow a handful of principles.

Tips in General

  • Never try to encounter an enemy when meeting them would not allow you enough remaining points to react.
  • Keep your dudes close enough together that they can help each other by focusing force, without keeping them so close together they get in each other’s way.
  • Try to divide the enemy attention while focusing your own.
  • Maintain assets to the extent you can, by making healthy units tank over damaged ones, but be willing to sacrifice a unit to mitigate outgoing enemy damage.
  • Minimize the potential lines of attack and stay close to cover if possible to cut them off completely. Particularly if you can attack but prevent a counter attack, or force a move to make it happen (using enemy ap) you can gain advantage.
  • Maximize your chance to hit while minimizing the enemies whenever possible. This might mean shooting with most of your squad and then using smoke grenades to block line of sight or it might just mean better positioning/flanking.
  • Generally try not to rely too much on any single thing ‘going right’ and have a contingency, for critical, flanking ops this could mean deploying in pairs (in case somebody catches a bullet and goes down).

That’s basically all I can offer. Of course, I don’t know what you are doing wrong/what issues you are having to call yourself ‘so bad’ but I think that you should play a pretty solid game if you follow the guidelines above fairly closely but not dogmatically (No plan survives contact with the enemy).

In general the strategy layer of games like this is almost as important as the tactical level, so try to keep up on the right research priorities so you don’t get power-crept on the ground.

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