Against the Storm – Wood Problem Solution (Marshlands)

How to Solve Wood Problem

General Tips

When you get a single wood from trees, you cannot reasonably expect to provide planks trough a crude workstation as well as fuel multiple hearths, espescially not later in the game when they have to walk a bit more. (woodcutters barely spend any time cutting, its mostly walking).

So if you are on a single wood per tree biome, limit yourself to 1 hearth + crude or 2 hearths + workshop/lumbermill. Ideally, get a different fuel for your hearths, not kiln (marrow, coalmine, oil production) so that you can have 4 hearths.


Marshlands is a poor biome when it comes to wood. Burning wood for fuel is never a good option on Marshlands. And if you pick those 2 perks mentioned above, you might as well forget about wood, because every time your lumberjack chops a tree down, he will be hauling a bunch of leather, mushrooms, and 1 log.

I know you’re talking about your crude station, but if you switch your FUEL to something other than wood, then all of a sudden those 9 wood cutters will start trumping your work station.

I’d recommend getting alternate source of fuel on marshlands every time. Oil, or Coal. (Oil Preferably) Because if you get to the Leviathan you can turn meat into Oil. If you get the Proto Wheat – you can turn wheat into Oil. And if you get the Giant mushroom – well… better find yourself a coal vein or two haha, because there is nothing the mushroom can do for you in terms on fuel.

+1 to Mushroom perk is amazing on Marshlands btw, but you have to know what you’re doing before you pick it. Otherwise it gets funny in an unfunny way.

Fuel is generally a big issue for Marshlands. Try to prioritize other ways of producing fuels instead (meat->oil or coal mine are both viable in marshland), and dont produce planks with crude workstation for marshland except when you are only few planks away for some important buildings. Buy planks instead.

Use humans/foxes to chop woods instead of lizards. Even none of them are specilized in woodcutting, lizards take more breaks thus are less efficient in woodcutting. Let them do the harvesting and other production jobs. This would give u around +10% woods which helps a little bit.

There are some ways of woodcutting micromanagement to increase the efficiency. Watch each camp very watchfully and pause the game for like every secs. Once all of your woodcutters have finished one production cycle, you could immediately move ur camp closer to the trees so the woods they produced would automatically go into the camp’s storage instead of being transferred by the woodcutters. Basically you save the time of the woodcutters going in and out of the camp by doing this thus increase the efficiency of woodcutting.

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