Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Tips for Genghis Khan 3 (Into China)

Thought I’d share this as you only have a little over 1 in-game hour (at 1.5 speed something like 45 real world minutes) to prevent defeat as you need to destroy a wonder on the other side of the great wall.

Genghis Khan 3 (Into China) Tips

Dont explore the starting area with your horsemen, take them east until you discover the transport ship, cross the river, ride past blue’s TC and secure the ram and mangonel and then take out the TC while keeping your horsemen away from it, then finish off blue.

Next, wall up the shallows in the west and build a TC and as soon as you hit castle age, take some villagers back to your starting area and build a 2nd TC and boom with both to get a large economy going.

When yellow builds his wonder, the easiest route to reach it is by sea, off the coast of blue’s peninsula. Sail across and dump siege rams filled with pikemen, research fast rams tech and then hug the eastern edge of the map till you reach and breach yellow’s south-eastern gate. From there on out you can pour into the city and destroy his wonder.

After this point, there’s no reason to breach the Great Wall at all. I always thought the dev decision to put pressure on you with the wonder was stupid, ESPECIALLY if china has no navy to prevent you from using this very non-mongol trick.

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