Against the Storm – Tips for Prestige 10+ Difficulty

How to Play on Prestige 10+ Difficulty

  • P10 is the game changer.
  • When you are fresh to P10, you will feel the game suddenly get way harder.
  • You only choice is to start accept and love trade route.
  • Anything about free provision will suddenly very attractive and save your food and manpower.
  • P11 start, blight corruption is DEVASTATING. 250% corruption every 3 year, you really really have to think more about fuel management better.

My usual tips is:

  • “Unspent resource is wasted resource”.
  • Do you making good use of the very first trader who arrive on year 2 (P10 start).
  • If you are not able to get usage from this trader, might as well just rob it. Sometimes, you get around 100+ coal and marrow, near 60+ building material and etc resource.
  • Not so useful resource, can be useful to fuel trade route or maybe dangerous glade event.
  • Yes rob trader will make next arrive slower, but think another way. You need time to accumulate amber anyway. And you can use amber to reroll blueprint too.
  • P19 start you need pay amber tax for every glade opening too.

More farming tips

Remember gathering food from node is way faster than farming, more immediate too.

  • Food and fuel is a very serious topic.
  • A very efficient plank recipe go a long way.
  • If the biome got marrow, coal, immediately mine it and used as fuel.
  • If it’s coal mine, the auto mining cart is very very good for long distance warehouse.
  • In my eye easiest food recipe is porridge, because you literary just add some water, turn 5 piece of stuff become 10 complex food.
  • Insane with geyser who automated for you.

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