Against the Storm – How to Beat Viceroy

Tips on How to Beat Viceroy

1: Remove woodcutters during events that increase hostility, until you hit a hostility breakpoint. (Like the storm or glade events.) Until the problem is resolved, if you can handle the fuel with something else or if you have some stockpiled.

2: When going for dangerous glade openings, try to atleast have some tools ready, otherwise you might get a nasty hit. (Or build a tradepost and have the trader ready at the same time to match the content of the glade with the merchants goods)

3: Try to put lizards in the hearth to increase resolve during storms.

4: Try not to use crude buildings that make a LOT of pollution. (Tier 1 buildings are very bad, and have really bad ratio and pollution.) Having corruption too high can make you lose games.

5: Try not to have too many things at once that use wood. (And limiting the resource production in buildings to make sure you dont make too much, like Planks or Purge Fire)

6: Dont forget to turn off things that don’t have high stars in a building. (Making 3 star planks but 1 star pottery in the same building is pretty bad, for example)

7: Make sure to match the race to the buildings, this boosts production and resolve a ton. (Beavers in worker places, woodwork etc, Humans in taverns/breweries/farms, Lizards in hot places or with meat, Harpies for making brews or clothing)

8: Try to get upgrades for better choices during Corner stones and blueprints, and maybe reroll sometimes to get the right stuff, having a dead Corner Stone perk for the entire game is a death sentence.

9: Pause sometimes and think about what you’re doing, dont play on higher speeds until you get better at the game, I only speed up when I know I’m going to win soon.

10: Try having a basic build order for maximum effeciency early game. (Box roads around hearth, 3-5 Houses, 2 Woodcutters right away and match the resources in the starting area, go for a dangerous glade right away if you got a good set of blueprints or cornerstone).

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