Against the Storm – Food Tips

Here you can find some notes for food.

Tips to Food

  1. Farms plant only in Drizzle. If you build a farm in Clearance, farmers will do nothing.
  2. Farms harvest only in Clearance. So if they don’t get the whole crop finished by Storm, you lose all of those crops.
  3. Humans get bonuses with the Farms.
  4. Depending on Biome and what structures you have for production, will determine which Farm type is best to focus on. Mushroom forest for example a Plantation is ideal as berries are produced readily and you get plant fiber.
  5. A good building for generating food is the Ranch, but you need a healthy supply of things like Grain, Plant Fiber, etc… and Lizards like it. But can produce Meat, Leather and Eggs from it.
  6. Jerky is by far the easiest complex food to make, and makes everyone happy. Just need Meat or Insects and some kind of burnable to craft. Usually can convert 4-5 meat into 10 Jerky (depending on structure).
  7. Biscuits and Pies require a lot of resources to craft, including a Mill of some sort (to create the flour), a source of Grain/Roots (for the flour) and something to go into the production. Generally, I don’t bother with these unless I get an early Rain Mill or Provisioner, to create the flour. Or it is late game and I’m trying to make everyone happy to boost their resolve.
  8. There are plenty of Trader perks that make food production easier. Most popular is Insect Traps, which grants 1 Insect per 3 or 4 mushrooms which is makes the mushroom forest super easy to do (as all trees have mushrooms).
  9. You should use the Consumption tab to modify who eats what and if they can eat basic staples (that usually are used to create more complex foods). Also applies to things like Clothing.
  10. Utilizing Trade Routes to earn Amber, can make it easier to buy perks, but also food in emergencies.
  11. Spices cornerstone goes great with Herb Garden farms (generates roots and herbs), as it grants increased production for them with every 75 biscuits made.
  12. Finally, and this is probably the most important thing:
  • Read the negative effects of working glade events. Sometimes the negative effects of just letting the Event trigger is less bad than working the event to remove it. As an example, many produce Living Matter.
  • A lot of them will either slow down food production, rot food, or makes people eat more when on breaks.
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