Against the Storm – Tips on How to Kill People

How to Kill People

Killing is easy, just starve them. All villagers have a hunger tolerance, foxes’ tolerance is especially low, if they miss three meals in a row they die. Just don’t produce complex food and use consumption control to stop them from eating basic food items.

I would advise against trying to starve lizards, their tolerance is 10, so it takes at least 1.5 years for them to die, by that time they have a -18 resolve modifier as every missed meal gives the affected villager -2 resolve.

There are a lot ways to kill people and corrupting your health is probably the easiest choice.

Other good choices would be starving your foxes as long as you keep their resolve high so they die before they leave. Just put them in rain collectors and such, favor them while starve them at the end of one storm season or at the beginning of the drizzle season and they would die before the next storm.

You can also attack merchant to have your villagers killed or sacrifice them in the forsaken altar. But the previous one gives 2 additional impatience for attacking merchant so be careful about that.


Yes, once the play button for starting a new cycle blinks you can embark once more if a seal is in embarkation range.

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