Against the Storm – Tips for Luxury Goods and Fulfilling Needs

Luxury Goods and Fulfilling Needs Tips

Fulfilling Needs

You really don’t need to view fulfilling needs as a necessity unless you are trying to go for resolve reputation points. It shouldn’t be too hard to get one or two complex foods sorted out just to save on food consumption (you get more complex food than the base food that goes into it). You certainly don’t need to make every complex food that your villagers want.

Luxury Goods

As for luxuries, fulfilling those should generally only be done at the end of a game when you’re pushing for your last few reputation points….or during a storm if you’re desperate for some resolve. It’s not often practical to produce even a single luxury in order to keep your villagers constantly using it. The much better option is to build a strong foundation of trade and just buy luxuries when you’re ready to use them to push for a win.

Produce luxury or trade goods, sell them for profit, buy what you need – be it raw ingredients or cooked food. You can also buy blueprints, thus completing your production line.

Trade is really powerful. For example, you can buy 0.8 amber worth of wine, use it to produce 2 boxes of luxury goods and sell them for 3 amber. Having cornerstones like “Export Specialization” will increase your profits even more, allowing you to buy the entire trader’s stock eventually.

Note: Due to the random blueprint draws, you are pretty much never going to have access to every intermediate and finished good your workers want. It’s a good idea to build a trade post early, and ether focus on producing extra goods for barter, or try to save up amber for necessities. Each colony had a built-in time limit, so you can win without having a renewable supply of every good.

Practical Tips

  • During embark, pick a supply line with a luxury resource based on the starting race you picked (however, supply line only unlock quite late in passive).
  • Spend amber to buy them, or if some of your building can coincidently make them… then buy the material too from trader.
  • Do not spent them until you actually need them. Such as:
    • You really need the extra resolve (and the manpower) to survive the storm.
    • The bonus resolve from these luxury food/service, will actually push the race resolve toward reputation generation. If yes, then allow them access only last 90 seconds of storm. For a massive reputation push in next season.
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