Against the Storm – How Soon You Turn In an Order?

How Soon You Turn In an Order?

I generally try to avoid wasting the full impatience reduction potential of turning it in. Though once the halved reduction prestige modifier is in play that is mostly irrelevant (by the time I have my first order ready to turn in, impatience is already at 0.5 or close to in most cases).

Though instead, it is often still smart to avoid turning one in if the reduction would result in lowering the bar below a full point, especially during Storm (where that extra -30 hostility can make all the difference).

Speaking of Storms, also be mindful of the forest mystery that prevents impatience reduction from reputation gains altogether. Sometimes it can even work in your favor for that consideration, though later on its usually just another good reason to not turn in orders during Storms in general.

In fact, most of the time I will only consider turning in an order during Storm is when it would unlock a Forsaken Altar charge that I could really use right away. As others have mentioned, getting extra people rewards is also a risk during the season, and the newcomers can also be at risk of death from certain storm effects. Though you can usually get away with it during the last 30 seconds or so.

Another consideration worth keeping in mind is situations where you are dealing with a nearly full impatience bar after a rough time. Even the halved impatience reduction from that modifier will still give you a breather during the final countdown at full impatience. So if you can keep an order turn-in in reserve, you can use that to reset the countdown once.
Few other methods of saving yourself are as simple and reliable as having an order in reserve.

If I want to turn in orders quickly despite wasting impatience reduction potential, I can also consider off-setting that by calling in traders early. Though for the first year or so at P9 or higher that doesn’t help much, when direct trading is so limited. At least it will advance the queue, so to speak, if the first trader isn’t someone who tends to bring useful perks or blueprints in your situation.

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