Against the Storm – Veteran Difficulty Tips

Tips for Veteran Difficulty

  • Don’t open too many glades (causes hostility) Also go for dangerous glades as much as possible.
  • Open the first dangerous glade when the first storm is about to end.
  • If you put a human in the main heart, impatience grows slower.
  • Don’t forget to use the favouring button to get a species in blue resolve whenever you are able to. Also use it to prevent a species from getting red resolve of course.
  • You can build extra hearts. An extra heart lowers hostility.
  • If you put a lizard in your main heart, it gives a resolve boost to all species. If you put a fox (not sure if you’ve unlocked that yet) in the main heart, it lowers hostility per opened glade.

Think about your pick priority for blueprints, if you get stuck. like rn i pick sawmill #1 and then usually weaver #2 (if i have 2 races that want raincoats), else i want 2* backpacks for trading and then later a way to make flour and tools and even later the different trade goods. Everything else is situational. I do think sawmill is OP tho.

Abuse trade routes as much as possible, if you arent doing it anyway and lastly, if its getting close consider some form of triage: like decide which race you can sac and favor the other, destroy some building to burn a couple seconds in the hearth, kill the last relevant trader, accept a 12 minute event penalty and s on. Sometimes you can let a villagers get to 90% red bar before you click favor and then the storm ends before the other drops low.

My strat is usually trying to farm every possible resource node (so i prioritize large gatherers if there is a node for them) and play with every complex good deactivated. i onl activate them if its necessary to not lose villagers and only as many as necessary, or if i think i can gain multiple points of reputation by activating all of them at once.

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