Against the Storm – Tips for Adamantine Seal

Adamantine Seal Tips

Tips for winning faster is go aggressively with any glade events that reward reputation, buy reputation from vendor.

I also a kind of manager who think “waiting time is wasting time”.

So I always rob the 1st trader who arrive on year 2.

  1. I don’t have amber to buy anything.
  2. I no yet start trade route.
  3. I can only buy something on maybe next 1 or 2 years anyway. I need to wait for amber income
  4. Amber can use to reroll blueprint, and it is needed to pay glade tax. Sorry, less reason to pay amber to trader.
  5. Year 5 or year 6, if the impatience is very low, and I already buy what I needed from vendor? Rob again! Extra impatience you said? I see reduce hostility mean better people resolve.
  • Earned amber ? Buy needy stuff, then complex food, service item, or just tools to send crate.
  • Only break open crate when the things inside is real helpful to you.
  • I open glade fast, open first dangerous glade before year 2, maybe halfway or early during the storm.
  • As for reputation generation, do not use service and complex food if your people cannot reach the generation threshold.
  • Spending complex food and service item during storm just for extra resolve, is something I always avoid, unless is life and death situation. I rather sacrifice fuel 1st.
  • Around 80% of storm, I start allow all service and complex food, for a “reputation rush” at the beginning of drizzle (this is usually around year 6 for spending all resource rush to win).

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