ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat Take the Uninhabited Floating City Mission

Take the Uninhabited Floating City Mission Tips

This mission can be done with any build. The key issue is probably ability to dodge and track flying enemies.

  • Take the base build from mission 1 and take down the mega chopper same as the starter mission.
  • Melee kill every enemy.
  • Swift dodge every attack.
  • The flyer bots are dumb and predictable.
  • Fly up spin blade attack rinse wash repeat.
  • The bots with the mech laser whips. Just kite em and slice em.
  • End battle with snipers. hop from roof to roof melee kill and then face the chopper.
  • This one is actually slower than mission 1.
  • For a super easy kill of everything.
  • Melee weapon and x3 plasma cannon.
  • Melee everything till chopper. Plasma each sniper. dump plasma into chopper. Whole mission maybe 5 mins.

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