The Division 2 – Storage Tips

I’ve been collecting every item with no duplicates and I notice that I am nearing the full capacity of my storage. What should I do? Read below some tips.


If you are below level 30 I wouldn’t even bother putting any gear into the stash TBH.

It is possible to create up to 4 characters that can potentially store another 150 items in their backpack, and you can shuffle them between characters with your stash, which is shared across your account.

Inventory management is a big part of the game, and something you have to get used to and do often. I really only keep something now if it’s part of a build, or a very good roll, or a rare named item or exotic. There are entire brandsets of armor and weapon types I just automatically donate for proficiency or trash for resources. I have probably gotten about 7 proficiency ranks just from this.

Not all named items are rare, I managed to get full proficiency on the Relic by donating it, that thing drops everywhere. OTOH White Death seems genuinely rare.

You can’t keep anything. At end-game you can target specific loot drops if you want to farm a specific thing.

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