Valheim – Tips on Stone Golem Farming

Stone Golem Farming Tips

I have been farming them a lot. Killed more than 200 in my first world.

I had 3 big mountains connected with portals and marked 5-10 golem locations on each. Golems will always spawn at the same location so make sure to mark them.

As for weapons, I used porcupine, but iron mace will work too. Parry + heavy attack (MMB) and he is down in 3 hits.

What you can also do is to sneak to them and open the fight with middle mouse button. In most cases it will count as sneak attack and deal a lot of dmg.

My record hit was 604 with fully upgraded porcupine and clubs skill lvl 75.

Forget pickaxes, mace + round shield work so much better.

Why not pickaxes (mace vs pickaxe)

Pickaxes deal LESS damage than Maces:

  • Iron Pickaxe = 33 damage.
  • Bronze Mace = 35 damage.

Pickaxe-type weapons attack slower than maces, and maces also have a 3-attack combo which speeds up the follow-up attacks even more:

  • Iron Pickaxe = 1.4 s.
  • Bronze Mace = 1.14s + 0.44s + 0.88s.

Pickaxes are two-handed, so you can’t use Shield, and you can’t Parry the Stone Golem for double damage.

Finally, yes they are weak to Pickaxe damage. But as you may know, Pickaxe damage type is reduced by 1/3 by default – unless you are standing on top of the rock you are mining – which also applies to Stone Golems.

In other words, your damage number will just show up Yellow, but the number will be around the listed damage on your Pickaxe, not twice as much like you expect from a “weakness” effect.

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