Valheim – Tips for the Black Forest and Swamp

Black Forest and Swamp Tips

Troll Hide armor is easier to craft and upgrade than the Bronze gear and is only 2 wrmor points less with a +15 to your stealth skill. Since your not wasting Bronze on armor you can use it to upgrade your weapons. Fully upgraded Troll hide is only 2 armor points under fully upgraded Bronze gear.

The mobs in each biom have specific weakneses, watch the damage numbers, if they are yellow its their weakness. The bosses for all zones except the Plains biom are the same as the associated mobs. I won’t spoil it but you can look it up if you want.

As counter intuitive as it seems Trolls can not enter the entrance of a Troll cave. You can use it as shelter from a Troll while plinking it with arrows or other weapons. Same goes for the crypt entrances in the Black Forest that look like stone hallways.

You can enter a crypt and rest to recover HP, you can even drop a camp fire and get a rested buff. You can do the same in a Troll cave but be aware if there is a Troll in the cave it moves around and might see you neave the entrance.

The stagebreaker is a easy to craft weapon and highly effective in Burial chambers, crypts and Sunken crypts. It creates a blunt froce AOE that works through walls and doors. Also my prefeared weapon against spawners, I never explore a crypt without one.

The Atglier (two handed spear) has a useful 360 degree attack that also works through walls and doors with a nice knockback to give you some breathing room. Beware that the AOE attack can burn up your stamina quickly..

Trenchs and raised Earth walls (using the hoe) are simple and easy defensise against everything except the Drakes that attack during the “A Cold Wind from the Mountains” attack that starts after you kill Swamp boss and ends when you kill the Mountian boss. Since they are part of the terrain they can’t be destroyed by any mob or boss in the game.

Always use the best foods you can when exploring new areas and watch out that they start to decay almost imediatly so be sure to keep an eye on you HP.

Remember T’sun Zu and always choose your battles carefully.

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