Valheim – The Swamp Adventure Guide (Gears)

Gears for Swamp Adventure

  1. Make a small hut on stilts or on top of a crypt.
  2. Pocket portal.
  3. Troll armor.
  4. Bronze shield.
  5. Good food, deer stew, minced meat and carrot soup, replace minced meat with sausages and carrot soup with turnip stew as soon as you can.
  6. Poison resist mead.

The swamps is a big spike in difficulty, but once you get your bearings you know how to deal with it. Don’t sprint everywhere, jump over water, use a hoe perhaps but don’t run out of stamina, you always run out of it if you’re not careful when needed most.

Oh yeah, the big ones don’t like fire, you will know what i talk about when you see the big one and fire… well it’s around there.


Definitely don’t waste time fully bronze-ing up. The upgraded versions of that stuff will swiftly be matched or outclassed by base level iron gear. Other than having to set up or travel at slightly further reaches of the world, progressing through swamp is much faster than black forest in many ways.

If you are going to rely on melee, blunt damage is the indisputable best choice in the swamps.

Also the tip people keep mentioning about bringing a hoe is not to be understated. Mercilessly get rid of those ponds puddles you find in your path and you will always have a clean escape route when you need one. Leeches will be hopeless to get near you.

Finally poison resistance meads. Neither healing meads nor recent food should be relied on for surviving poison. And remember, you need to drink it before you are poisoned. Just like with your smelters and furnaces, more fermenters means faster production.

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