Valheim – Tips to Figuring Out What to Do First

Tips for Beginners

  • Place down a bed and tag it to set it as spawn point.
  • Build a fire, keep it burning for that rested bonus.
  • Stay well fed with 3 different foods as much as possible.
  • Don’t breathe the smoke.
  • Pick up anything and everything you see to unlock new recipes.
  • Work on your skills…it’s all learn by doing so go ‘do’ as much as possible. You’ll need those skills raised for taking on some the badder enemies.
  • Stay out of the forest until your feel you can take on those enemy types. Try cherry picking from the outskirts.
  • Big blues are not your friends.
  • Keep the bees happy.

That bird that lands occasionally is about the only tutorial you’ll get. There are some stone runes you can interact with with tips but the messages can be a bit cryptic. Upgrading your workbench (by building new add-on stations with Hammer) allows you to upgrade your gear. Take your time and have fun… The game punishes those who venture into hostile territory unprepared and/or under-geared.

Throw a couple deer heads at an altar to anger the local god. Bring a shield and eat well before you do. Then upgrade your armor as much as you can and go desecrate the dead.

Eat before dungeons, eat before trolls, don’t get overconfident. Once you’ve built your axe, seeing how many trees you can drop with a chain reaction or multistrike can be a bit fun. (until you forget about the overconfidence advice I just gave you, which leads to you ending up as a tree’s victim).

Make a house with several chests, so you can start storing items for future recipes….berries, honey, Flint, etc. Make a bow and start hunting deer and boars for meat and skins. Kill any birds you see as well. Once you are comfortable with equipment and food start exploring…. Oh, and look out for falling trees!

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